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You don't have to know your pinot from your pruno to appreciate our pick for best wine glass, the Riedel Ouverture Magnum (4 for $40). Yes, this well-shaped glass can improve the sensory experience of drinking everything from a small-batch California red to an acidic Trader Joe's vinho verde. (We should know — we tested both.) But we also chose the Ouverture Magnum for its lovely-to-drink-from, thin lip of durable, lead-free crystal and a squat design that keeps it from tipping over too easily. As a bonus: our pros tell us it even works well for Champagne and Cognac.


We wanted an all-purpose glass that would suit reds and whites equally well. Out of hundreds of available options, we narrowed down the field by looking at shape, materials, feel, and balance. Then we spent over eight hours with winemaker Jeff Cohn of JC Cellars, who swished, sniffed, and tasted his way through nearly thirty different glasses to eliminate shapes and materials that couldn't show off different kinds of wine. While the Magnum wasn't the last man standing in our tests, it muscled out competitors that were more fragile and less versatile with love from James Beard Award-winning sommeliers and Amazon reviewers alike.

To see why this workhorse can handle everything (including the dishwasher), read our full guide.

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