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The best snow shovel and the attachment that makes it even better

Snow shoveling is the hangover after the euphoria of snowfall. Our writers and editors are based all over the U.S., and now that winter has descended on many of us, we have a vested interest in finding the best tool for the job.

After 25 hours of research, lifelong New England writer and carpenter Doug Mahoney tested 25 shovel configurations. Four different people put in 19 hours of actual snow shoveling, and the True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover ($26) with the added Stout Backsaver handle ($13) was by far the crowd favorite. On its own—without the added handle—the Mountain Mover was seen as above average, but with the Backsaver attached to it, the shovel testers went bananas.


Our writer had no problem busting up ice and compacted snow on the deck steps with the Mountain Mover, and the steps came through the process unmarred. The Stout Backsaver attaches to any shovel handle, turning you into a first-class lever with a higher hand grip and a straighter stance. As one tester put it, "This thing can turn any old piece-of-sh*t shovel into a decent tool." After testing was completed, everyone in the focus group asked where they could purchase one.

For more on how we chose this set up after reviewing over 50 competitors, check out the full guide.

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