The Best Ice Scraper

We polled you guys for your favorite ice scrapers — thanks! — then used that info to winnow down the field to 16 top contenders. After 15 hours of research and clearing ice attacks during Polar Vortex single-digit temps, our pick is the Hopkins 14039 Sub Zero Extendable 50" Crossover Snow Broom ($25). » 2/04/14 8:55pm 2/04/14 8:55pm

Ask the Wirecutter and Sweethome All About Gift Giving

The Wirecutter and Sweethome teams are here for the next hour lending their gift giving expertise. (Check out their killer gift guide for all budgets here, and Lifehacker's own guide here.) Not sure what to buy for a coworker or significant other? Having trouble finding presents in your budget? Need a last minute… » 12/16/13 1:08pm 12/16/13 1:08pm